2018 Renew, Recharge and Reset


about this workshop

The wonderful holiday season can be a heady time of parties with family and friends, where let’s be honest, we are all inclined to eat and drink a little more than is good for us.  This can inevitably leave us feeling sluggish, tired and maybe a few pounds heavier coming into the New Year. Don't despair - we are here to help you get back on track without the need to resort to drastic measures.

We can show you simple and powerful ways to refocus and recharge for an even better YOU in2018 - you'll get your body back to 100% and feel amazing.   We want you to forget unrealistic New Year resolutions and the infamous January detox quick fixes. Instead you can choose to reset and recharge your mojo with a holistic approach that will inject a permanent spring in your step!

In 2018 Renew, Recharge & Reset you will discover how to nourish yourself properly, boost your natural detox channels and take on new exercise and lifestyle changes which will work for YOUR body. Recharging you and reseting the balance to bring you results for the long term.

Following a thoughtful and practical approach we will show you how nutrition and nourishment, movement, relaxation and positivity are the best ingredients for your wellness in 2018.

So, if your gut feeling tells you that January juice fasts, boot camps and severe seven-day cleanses are not the true path to long term wellbeing – our 2018 Renew, Recharge & Reset Workshop is for you. 

In this workhop you'll be:


  • About your personal body composition, your metabolic age (optional) – and how to shift these numbers down to a good range for you.
  • How to feed your body to reverse the excesses of Christmas, reset your body's energising pathways and protect yourself against those Winter Bugs.
  • The low impact way to lose weight, strengthen the body and tone up without putting unecessary stress on the joints. 


  • With targeted resistance and weight bearing Pilates exercises designed to recondition key muscle groups.
  • To speed up your metabolism and help burn off those Christmas calories.  
  • With purpose.  There is a method to sustaining weight loss and muscle tone and Rachel will show you how.


  • Your mind, your body and your resolve!
  • You from within - so you can boost your get up and go, your immunity and your metabolic balance.
  • Your taste buds with special nutrient dense recipes, prepared by Ali to nourish you in the right way to expand your repertoire of naturally fat burning foods.

All the advice  we share is backed by science.  All the know-how you’ll take away will be simple and do-able - so you’ll be equipped to reset your own, and your family's long term wellbeing.

Our 2018 renew, recharge and reset PACKAGE will give you:

  • A nutritious Welcome smoothie shot
  • Body Composition Testing (optional) and Tips
  • Practical Nutritional Guidance and a 4 step plan for a supercharged 2018
  • A bespoke Pilates class 
  • Reset snacks food demo and tasting
  • AND a goody bag with our popular recipes take-aways and a range of recharging wellbeing treats.

Here are the details:


SUNDAY January 14th 2018, 10:45AM- 1PM







Price £ 80 per person or £150 for two ( Early Bird - must be booked by December 23rd)

Price £90 per person or £170 for two (Standard rate)

Places strictly limited. Must be booked in advance. 

Booking closes Monday 5th of January.  Click here to sign up!



Rachel Lawrence and Ali Prentice share a philosophy for empowering their clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We believe the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affects the body, the better they will be able to look after themselves. 

Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor who is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles and the improved body composition which can help you to store less fat around your middle, as well as give you long term health and fitness.   Learn more about Rachel here

Ali - is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist who relishes helping busy people increase their energy, lose weight and improve their eating habits without going hungry.  Ali loves to translate nutrition science into practical nutritional nudges that pack a punch.  Learn more about Ali

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