Your personal guide to a fitter you

Whether you’re new to exercise or want to add another dimension to your existing routine, I am here to help you achieve your goals, whatever your age or current level of fitness.  

Getting to know you

Everyone’s body is different. That’s why I work closely with all my clients so that everyone can get the best from their body.

Getting to know me

I teach every Pilates class personally so that I can make sure you will get a similar level of personal attention as you would in a one to one class, but at a fraction of the cost.

See yourself improve

It really matters to me that you can see and feel the benefits of my classes, so I will, over time, encourage you to push yourself slightly harder to keep the benefits coming as your body improves.

A class for everyone

In addition to my Pilates classes, I have created a series of ballet barre classes called Pop to the Barre which focus on calorie burning and boosting your metabolic rate for weight loss, toning and cardio strength. Dance conditioning is a great way to improve cardio fitness, and I find lots of my clients now do a bit of both! 

In the meantime please connect with me on Twitter and Facebook to get regular updates, lots of fascinating advice and information on pilates fitness, lifestyle, fashion and all the good stuff that goes with being healthy and happy!