Introduction to the Barre, Strictly Ballet & Ballet Works!



Taught by emma findlay from the english national ballet!


Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Turnham Green, Chiswick

This is a ballet class with no barre!  This class is based around the traditional portion of a ballet class we call ‘Centre work’.  Often the centre exercises are more difficult versions of the barre exercises, so this will be a challenging class! Using a series of combinations of steps and stretches,  it will increase your strength, flexibility and balance, and also start teaching you how to put steps together fluidly. Plus you get the joy of moving to music! It works as a stand-alone class or as a great compliment to Emma's Introduction to the Barre class on Tuesday mornings, or Rachel's Pop To The Barre on Friday mornings.



The Hayloft, 3 Bond Street, London W4 1QZ

This class is for dancers and wannabee dancers of all ages & fitness levels who want to learn or improve their ballet barre technique. Emma will take you through this class at a steady pace whilst paying attention to detail and giving you the inside knowledge of life at the barre! You’ll learn how to move your body better for strength, balance, alignment and the joy of moving to music! You do not have to be a dancer to take this class! It has been developed to suit everyone from easy movers, through to mature dancers & anyone wanting to work on ballet technique whilst improving their fitness levels. It works as a stand-alone class or as a great compliment to Pop To The Barre.



Studio 21, Arts Educational School, Cone Ripman House,14 Bath Road, Chiswick,  London W4 1LY

A fantastic new ballet class with a twist for the more dynamic dancers amongst us. Using all the elements of a traditional ballet class, you will seamlessly move from ballet barre exercises to centre practice including allegro, adage and then choreographed sequences using the whole studio. Expect to move! A great cardio class, as well as a wonderful opportunity to let yourself go and really enjoy improving your ballet technique. Emma brings her own unique twist to this class in her choice of music, as well as her own style of choreography based on her years performing with The English National Ballet.

We are really setting 'the barre' high here! 


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