Nutty Winter Warmer Smoothie

Nutty Winter Warmer Smoothie

I was feeling rather chilly the other day and thought I’d like a smoothie but didn’t want anything cold as it was so wet and windy outside. So I experimented with making a warm smoothie and really loved it, hope you like it too! Great when it’s cold outside and you need a feelgood, healthy pick me up.

1 banana

1 apple

Large cup of pre boiled warm water

1 tbsp fresh nut butter- I used peanut (bought from Whole Foods Market)

2 tbsp flaxseed

Generous pinch of cinnamon + pinch of cinnamon to decorate

Put water, banana and apple in processor first and whizz up, then add other ingredients and as much cinnamon as you like to decorate. Enjoy!

Nutty Winter Warmer.JPG

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