It's the giving that counts

This is a post about this time of year and what it means. Recently I got involved in a charity fundraiser organised by Emma Sinclair MBE in association with Unicef UK. It was a great cause and one I feel strongly about which is to support young men and women in building their own businesses. Did you know that across the world 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes? Devastating. Emma's campaign is to raise awareness and help these young people unlock their potential by supporting them and funding training so they can start to rebuild their lives and build a future for themselves.

Coming from a poor background with no financial support or connections I learnt what I know from starting work aged 17 and stumbling along, making mistakes and learning from them. Life was very tough but I did have a home, and I was taught by my father to always do my best and give back- and what you can’t give in money, you can give in time. Growing up I saw my dad do so much for others, including volunteering for charities, and through him I was inspired to help others as much as I could. 

Bringing that up to the present day, I help my pilates clients as much as I can, and give to charities what I can afford. I was happy to donate to Unicef recently to help raise funds for young men and women in refugee camps. I gave with no expectation of any return because that’s what charity is all about. So when I got an email a few weeks later saying I’d won a prize for my donation I was astonished and thrilled. Double win. I helped someone and in return I was helped back. My win was a Mulberry Bayswater handbag pictured here, donated by Mulberry for the benefit of raising funds for unicef. Such a generous gift, and a prime example that we can all afford to give something. What it is, and how much it’s worth is immaterial- it’s the giving that counts. So if I could wish one thing today, it would be that everyone give something to charity to make this Christmas a little better for someone else out there. You may never meet them but they will know that there are people in the world who care.

Have a wonderful day, 

Rachel x

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If you would like to make a donation to Emma's campaign for Unicef you can do so via this link: