Minty Monday Smoothie


How about this to kick start your week? My minty Monday smoothie!  It's fresh, clean and has a great zing to it.

Spring is on its way so I decided it was time to tinker around in the kitchen and find a new favourite smoothie for 2016, and this one really hits the spot. It's tastes fresh and clean and is full of goodness. I enjoyed it post workout as it has a real pick me up flavour, but you can have it anytime!


Pear, apple and mint smoothie

250ml coconut water

1 conference pear- skin on, washed, and roughly chopped

1 apple- skin on, washed, cored and roughly chopped

Handful of fresh mint leaves chopped

I like to keep my recipes simple and uncomplicated so this one is a breeze. Put all the ingredients in your processor and whizz until they are fully mixed. That's it!

Enjoy! x

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