My Big Fat Dairy Diet: Reasons why eating full fat food is good for you

My Big Fat Dairy Diet: Reasons why eating full fat food is good for you

Do you routinely opt for a skinny latte, choose low fat yoghurt, or feel guilty when you eat cheese? If so then you probably think that you’re making the best choice for your health and your waistline, but it may be that the complete opposite is true.

Supercharge your Snacks and lose weight

Supercharge your Snacks and lose weight

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Fancy a Date? Smoothie that is....

Well, I had to get your attention somehow didn't I? I've been tinkering around my West London kitchen working on new healthy recipes for smoothies and absolutely love this one. 

It has to be one of the simplest recipes as well as the most delicious. Putting dates into a smoothie is a great way to get some fibre into your body, as well as satisfying a sweet tooth. Using only three ingredients you'll get a delicious drink packed full of essential, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And if you've ever been partial to a bit of butterscotch then this is for you! It's really healthy and tastes just like it! 


15 Whole Dates

300 ml Coconut Milk

1 Ripe Banana

Make sure your dates are as squidgy as possible, de-stone them, chop in half then put into your  blender along with the coconut milk and ripe banana. Whizz away until you get that lovely butterscotch colour and you're good to go. As always don't keep it to yourself, be generous and share the love around by giving a glass to a friend, family member or work colleague. Enjoy! 

Date Smoothie