The top 3 reasons why I think Pilates will make your life better


1. Pilates conditions your whole body evenly- so no overworked thigh muscles and under worked glutes. Everything gets attention enhancing your physique and giving your muscles a longer, leaner look.

2.Pilates teaches you awareness of your posture so no matter where you are and what you’ re doing you’ll start to stand better, walk taller and altogether move better. Everyone will notice that!

3.It’s a great stress buster, joining a mat class or an apparatus class will help you focus your mind on yourself for that hour.  You can leave your stresses at the door, just turn up, follow the instructions and reap the benefits. There’ll be no noisy distractions; you’re in a group with everyone listening to the instructor and moving as well as they can, all for their own benefit. Like mindedness helps you feel part of something, as well as spurs you on to keep going-a movement of movements ! Where everyone is in it for the benefits. My most common report from classes is,

‘Was that an hour gone already? Where did the time go!’  

Time flies when you’re having Pilates fun.

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