Tips to treat the common cold

Tips to treat the common cold

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, colds become more common. However, there are ways to not only make coming down with a cold less common, but also to shave a few days off the cold itself once it arrives. Read on to find out more!

Got a cold? Try my cold busting smoothie

Broccoli and Apple Cold Busting Smoothie


I’ve just made this after tinkering around in my kitchen, and it’s not only absolutely delicious but packed full of the health giving green stuff.

Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse, it’s rich in Vitamin A, K, B-Complex, Iron and just 100g gives you 150% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake so especially good if you are fighting off a cold. I've added apple for an extra cold busting kick as it also contains Vitamin C, along with minerals including Calcium and potassium. The coconut water is to keep your body naturally hydrated, the wheat germ gives you a fibre boost as well as a good source of vitamin E. And finally the flaxseed with almonds and walnuts adds a nutrient rich pick me up to keep you going until your next meal.


300 ml coconut water

4 Raw broccoli florets (I used straight from a freezer pack)

1 Apple (chopped)

2 Dessertspoon of Jordan’s natural wheatgerm

2 Dessertspoons of Linwood's milled flaxseed with almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts

Very easy this one, just pop the coconut water, broccoli and apple into your blender first and whizz up. Once mixed, add the wheatgerm and flaxseed and whizz until mixed in. If you like your smoothie a little bit more runny just add a little more coconut water to taste. You can have this as a meal replacement if you’re not feeling like eating a full meal, or you can share your healthy drink with a friend and treat them to a bit of green goodness too!