The one thing that will lengthen your life

Amazing fact of the week- A recent study shows that men and women who ramped up their activity gradually to about seven hours a week by the age of 40-61 reduced their risk of death from any cause in the years that followed by about 35%.

All the more reason not to miss your regular pilates, dance and stretch classes, and if anything try and do more. It’s great if you manage one class a week, but by increasing what you do to say two or three classes a week, along with increasing the activity in your day to day life you will be protecting yourself against many of the illnesses related to inactivity and ageing.

Whereas years ago people were encouraged to slow down as they aged, science is telling us we actually need to do more not less to stay fit and healthy.

One thing is certain, we are all living longer so why not make sure that you live the healthiest life possible? Seeing elderly relatives struggling with balance, movement and health issues due to years of a sedentary lifestyle can be a stark reminder to us all that we need to do something about our own health before it’s too late. And the reassuring results of this study show that even starting exercise in your forties can be as beneficial to your health as those who started young and maintained their fitness- so if you’ve dipped in your thirties no need to worry. Starting again in your late thirties/ early forties and increasing your levels of activity gradually so you are living an active life with -and this is important -structured exercise hours built into your weekly diary you will have as good a chance as any for a longer, healthier life.

The MOST important thing to remember is don’t stop, keep going and never give up. Your health is a precious gift to be treasured, and even if it’s not as good as it once was increasing your activity will help you live a healthier, happier and longer life.

So don't ever give up. Keep going my friends x

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