Thought for the New Year

Welcome to 2015 and what a wonderful year its going to be! May it be filled with happiness, health and goodwill for you all.

Whilst we are all encouraged to set new goals for 2015, before we leap forward into the New year I think it's really important to take a moment to think about all the little things that when added up make life so much more meaningful. Looking back over the last year, remember those random acts of kindness, friendship, support, things that may go unnoticed in the big scheme of life but actually at the time made a real difference to you. Maybe there was someone who helped you out when you really needed it, or a kindly neighbour who invited you round for dinner when life was getting a bit tough. Whatver it was, take a moment to cherish these small things that make life so wonderful and to thank those people. It's great to have goals, to reach for the stars but friendship, love and support are what really makes the world go round.

Have an amazing 2015!