Managing Private Training on Mindbody

We’ve moved all of our bookings to our online booking software Mindbody.

Managing your bookings through Mindbody allows you to easily see at a glance when you are booked in, and manage your payments and any cancellations or changes in schedule. You will first need to create an account if you haven’t already.

Visit the Mindbody website here

Once you have signed up with all your details, please proceed to the ‘Private Training’ tab. Select ‘Private Classes with Rachel’. From there, you will be able to input the relevant information to search for your regular slot. Please look for the first date of your next block. Once you have found the time slot, click ‘request’. From there, select ‘Request Recurring Appointment’. Please select the End Date as 8 weeks after your start date, to book your block of 8. If these appointments need to be moved within the 10 week window, you will be able to do so once your request has been approved.

The request will then be submitted to us. When we approve your request, we can either charge it to your card, or to your Mindbody account. If you would like us to put the charge through to your card, please enter your payment information in your Mindbody profile, and let us know that this is what you would like to do. Otherwise, you will need to pay the amount on Mindbody through the 'Account Payments' option in the 'Online Store' tab, after the booking has been confirmed by us.

Once this is all done, you will be able to go to your ‘schedule’ and cancel or reschedule individual appointments as and when it is necessary within the 10 week window.

Please don't hesitate to send us an email below if you have any questions regarding your booking or Mindbody!