Pricing Options For Discounted additional classes

According to our 2017/18 Survey,  67%  of our clients wanted to do more classes if they were discounted, so now if you book a term of classes using our  Early Bird offer, you can have a second term of classes for £15 per class, and a third term of classes for £13.50 a class!  For those people who can't commit to a full term of additional weekly classes, but want to top up with occassional drop-ins, you will be able to buy a Loyalty drop-in class for just £16 a class once you have booked a term of classes. Terms and conditions apply. 

For an extra or second term of classes choose pricing option : "1 X Extra Group Classes Course" at checkout.

For 2 extra or a second & third term of classes choose pricing option : "2 X Extra Group Classes Courses" at checkout.

For the £16 Loyalty Drop in class (after having purchased at least 1 term of group classes at our Early Bird or standard rate) choose : "Loyalty Drop in Class £16" at checkout.


Explanation of how to book with new pricing options :

You will need to book and pay for the first term of classes first (full price or Early Bird rate).  Rachel has designed the other discounted courses to only be available to her loyal clients that sign up for a full term.  

Once you have purchased the first full term and paid for this at checkout, go back into the class schedule and enroll in your 2nd chosen term - the 2 new pricing options for the 1 or 2 Extra Classes per term should magically appear in checkout when you book and pay for your second term.

If you have chosen 2 Extra Classes Per term - go back and enrol in your third term  (having already paid for it on the pricing option 2 Extra Classes - which has 10 sessions on it).