I love Rachel’s pop to the barre classes! She has a great way of making the class as challenging as you like whether you are a beginner or at quite an advanced level. Rachel is very open to feedback whether it is about the choice of music, the area of your body you would like to work on more or the actual choreography. She mixes up the routines very regularly which keeps the class fun and challenging every term. After more than two years I still feel great after every class!
— Jo

Who knew burning fat, toning, and sculpting your body could be such fun?

Mixing dance conditioning exercises at the ballet barre with traditional Pilates, this class will give you a fabulous cardio workout that is both low impact and high intensity. Ideal if you want to burn fat, tone, sculpt and lift your body, it requires no dance experience, and there’s no need for a tutu unless you really want to!

If you love dancing and like to work out to up tempo tunes that get your whole body moving this is the class for you, and you’ll be doing the kind of exercises that give dancers their beautiful lean limbs.

Pop to the Barre is so much fun! I always leave the studio with a smile on my face.
— Nina

Created by Rachel, a former professional dancer with many years experience, Pop to the Barre is a dynamic, full body exercise class. You will improve your cardio fitness and be able to focus completely on your body as you tune into the music and tune out of your day-to-day stresses, working your body to the max. Be prepared to sweat as you will burn a lot of calories, just like professional dancers do!

Dance yourself fit

Dance is a proven form of exercise that gets great results. You’ll improve your cardio fitness, general stamina and, with regular attendance, see a vast improvement in overall muscle tone. The weight resistance exercises tone, sculpt and lift those tricky areas that other forms of exercise can find hard to reach. 

In the one hour class you will work all the minor and major muscle groups. You’ll move your joints through all the ranges of motion, and you’ll work your core on the same deep level as you would in a Pilates class. The difference is the focus on moving to music, which means that you will be working your body really hard without even realising.

The music is carefully curated by Rachel to create a unique playlist of contemporary sounds which will make you feel great. You will get a wonderful rush of dance and music inspired endorphins which, combined with a thorough workout for your body, leaves you feeling fit, fabulous and knowing that you've had a thorough workout!

Learn from a dancer

A trained dancer and a Certified Pilates Instructor with Dance Specialisation, Rachel has put her 30 plus years of knowledge into this class. All the exercises have been carefully designed drawing on Rachel’s knowledge of the body and how its muscles and joints move.

What to bring

This is an energetic class so please be sure to bring some water with you to hydrate yourself as needed during the class.

What to wear

You can wear a reasonably thick pair of socks or, if you want to channel the full dancer style, a pair of ballet shoes.

What if I have a pre existing injury?

If you have an injury or medical condition please make sure you notify us by email in the first instance so we can check whether or not this class is for you.


Rachel’s a wonderful teacher - I’ve been attending Pop to the Barre for several months now and can really see and feel the difference in my legs, abs and arms. It’s also good fun and the hour flies by!
— Catherine
Rachel’s dance training and deep understanding of a wide variety of body types, injuries and ages mean that her classes really hit the mark, whatever your fitness or ability level. I always leave feeling I’ve worked hard but in an uplifting, non-pressurised and fun way. Each class is a real tonic!
— Sarah
Rachel’s teaching method is very motivating and she never eases up on you in the 60 minutes, which I love. I need to be pushed hard! Also, Rachel looks amazing and that’s what we all aspire to.
— Amina
I look forward to Pop to the Barre classes every week. It works on every muscle and you really feel like you’ve had a good workout. Plus Rachel makes the class really fun and enjoyable!
— Jill

Pop to the Barre is currently running :   Fridays 9.30aM - The HAYLOFT, Chiswick