POP TO THE BARRE - level  2 & 3

Venues: Tuesday Arts Educational School, Cone Ripman House, Bath Road, Chiswick, London W4 1LY

Friday: The Hayloft, 1-3 Bond Street, London W4 1QZ

Now in its fourth year, this popular course is a cardio class that mixes dance conditioning exercises at the ballet barre, commercial dance and traditional Pilates exercises.  This is low impact but high intensity exercise for those who want to burn fat, tone, sculpt and lift, as well as work towards getting those long, lean limbs of a dancer.  

Rachel creates and choreographs this challenging class to her own unique playlist, making sure no muscle is left unworked! Great for wannabe dancers who like to work out to up tempo tunes and keep moving. No dance experience required and tutus optional!

*Please note this class is not suitable for those with injuries