Why Pilates?

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For a fitter, healthier, leaner you!

There are lots of reasons to incorporate Pilates into your life!

  • You may want to get fit and look good for a special occasion, a wedding or a public appearance perhaps

  • You may be recovering from an injury, or seeking to prevent one

  • You may be preparing for a particular physical challenge, running a marathon, a long cycle ride, or a walking challenge

  • You may be pregnant and want to build up your strength, or get your fitness back after giving birth

  • You may want to lose weight

  • You may simply want to a fitter, healthier, leaner you

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Whatever your goals, Pilates can help

From your very first Pilates session you will be on your way to a stronger body, a body better able to meet whatever challenges life throws at you.  Dynamic, athletic, & a little challenging, Pilates gets results. With regular attendance you’ll soon feel and see changes. Flatter abdominals, stronger back, toned arms & legs, to greater flexibility and strength, Pilates conditions your whole body, making every part of your life easier and more enjoyable.

Being the best you can

We can’t all be Olympic athletes, who has the time apart from anything else? Pilates will, however, help you to look, feel and function better in your own skin, and sculpt your body into the best possible shape. It will help you to walk taller, feel stronger, and put a smile on your face!

With no gym fees and no tie ins, to make a difference to your body all you need to do is

  • Sign up for a course of mat work sessions

  • Book into a block of equipment classes

  • Have your own bespoke training programme designed specifically to your needs

  • Or simply try your first class for £10!

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Pilates is for everyone

This is your opportunity to learn from a teacher who has experience working with a wide range of people. My clients include athletes and performers, new mothers and people recuperating from operations. I teach people of all ages and both sexes. The only thing my clients have in common is a desire to become fitter and healthier no matter what their age or circumstances.