Weight Loss & Well-being Workshop

After a fabulous festive christmas what better way to get into shape for 2019

Book into the workshop and you’ll be eligible to take up our offer of an additional weekly class at 50% off!*

Don’t panic if your body has suffered from the over-indulgencies of the party season! It's time to shape up and slim down! This doesn't have to be a painful process.  OK -  There are no quick fixes or magic weight loss pills but there are healthy lifestyle changes and dietary transitions that can help transform your body and leave you looking great.  Sign up for our Shift your Middle 2019 Workshop and we’ll show you the way.  

This year will be different, because it will start the right way! It’s time to look forward and celebrate new beginnings - and a new you…

This workshop is made for busy people who are fed up of dieting, counting calories and yo-yoing results. It really is possible to eat well, feel well and lose weight without feeling denied, or doing exercise that makes you feel like you’re at army camp!

We promise there’ll be no shouting orders or food deprivation!

This is a wellbeing workshop created to coach and support you through no no nonsense advice on nutrition and exercise.

During Shift your Middle we promise you’ll be learning, moving and you’ll be nourished!


Your personal metabolic rate and age (optional) – and how to shift these numbers

  • How to turn off your fat storing hormones

  • The low impact way to strengthen, tone and condition your body


Rachel will coach you with targeted resistance and weight bearing Pilates exercises designed to strengthen key muscle groups, speed up your metabolism and tone that troublesome midriff.


  • Your mind, your body - and your gut ‘microbiome’

  • Expand your repertoire of naturally fat burning foods

  • Time to savour tasty fat-burning snacks prepared by Ali

All the advice and tips we share are based on proven science.  All the know-how you’ll take away will be simple and do-able - so you’ll be equipped to take charge of your own long term wellbeing and your families.

  • A delicious welcome smoothie shot

  • Body Composition Testing (optional)

  • The #8 steps to a leaner healthier you

  • A bespoke Pilates class

  • Snack demo and tasting

  • Weightloss Meal Plan for a month

  • AND Shift your middle take-aways

Your Hosts

Rachel Lawrence and Ali Prentice share a philosophy for empowering their clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We believe the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affects the body, the better they will be able to look after themselves. 

Sunday 27th of January, 2019


The Hayloft,

3 Bond Street,


London W4 1QZ


Price £65 per person or £120 for two ( Early Bird- must be booked by January 20th)

Price £75 per person or £140 for two

Places Strictly limited. Must be booked in advance. 

This workshop is open to anyone over the age of 18 of any fitness level.

Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor who is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles and the improved body composition which can help you to store less fat around your middle.   Learn more about Rachel here


Ali - is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist who relishes helping busy people increase their energy, lose weight - and improve their eating habits without going hungry.  Ali loves to translate nutrition science into practical nutritional nudges that pack a punch.  Learn more about Ali

*Terms and conditions: The offer applies to one additional term of classes. For existing clients this will be based on your previous term booking. For new clients the offer applies to a second class (after purchasing a standard or early-bird priced term of group classes). Further terms can be purchased at the usual discounted rates.

Once booked in to the workshop, email Tanya to claim your discounted classes.

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