100% of our clients enjoy their classes with us

100% of our clients say they come away from each class feeling better than they did before

100% of our clients would recommend us to a friend

When I saw Rachel teaching Pilates, I knew straight away that she was a top professional and the teacher I was looking for. She is very clear with her instructions and does all the exercises with us, always checking that we are doing them right and focusing on us breathing correctly and engaging our core muscles throughout the class – all so indispensable for a great Pilates class.
— Carla
We have been doing Pilates for years and have tried out various classes in Chiswick. Rachel’s classes are by far the best! You definitely work hard but you can see (and feel) the results: The backaches are gone and your body feels so much more toned. We highly recommend giving the classes a try!
— Anne and Peter
I had never thought Pilates could make such a substantial difference to my back...and that I would even look forward to the classes every single week - Rachel completely converted me!
— Andy
Rachel’s classes are thorough and personable. She’s a wonderful teacher...Always paying attention to technique and the individual needs of the group. She’s positive, patient and always sneakily challenges you! I always look forward to leaving feeling better than I did when I arrived. Thanks Rachel!
— Helen
Rachel is a really creative teacher - her positive attitude inspires us to succeed with things we never thought possible!
— Janet
Started attending Rachel’s classes 6 weeks ago - the best mat pilates I have ever attended - feel great afterwards.
— Juliet
I’ve really benefited from doing three terms of Pilates Mat classes with Rachel. The level of intensity is quite demanding which suits me, however, everyone works at the optimum level for their own body, so it is easy to fit in as a total beginner. I’m delighted at the progression I have made and also with the changes in muscle tone, including abdominals that are evident after such a short time. Having managed to attend some of the Flex Classes as well this term, I will definitely sign up for these, as they complement the Pilates sessions really well. I find Rachel’s classes a brilliant way to start the day, good for mind, body and soul!
— Dina
Rachel provides exactly the right balance of support and encouragement, with the will to challenge and extend your physical fitness. She is an exceptional, personable instructor and her classes are challenging yet enjoyable. Her expertise and attention to detail makes all the difference and I have noticed improvements in posture, ease of movement and muscle definition. I would definitely recommend her.
— Anne
I always enjoy Rachel’s pilates classes due to her energy, humour and enthusiasm and the fantastic atmosphere she creates. I come away stronger and fitter and with that indefinable ‘feel good’ factor.
— Nicola
Rachel is an inspiring, detailed, thoughtful teacher who has so much experience. She channels all of this into her classes ...and my abs and I are thankful we found her!
— Emma
Since taking Rachel’s classes, not only do I feel more energised, toned and have better posture, but people have commented on how great my body looks too.
— Judith
Rachel is a very professional instructor providing a range of classes which give an excellent all-round workout. They’re also great fun!
— Caroline
Rachel is a brilliant pilates teacher. Her knowledge about the body and how it functions never ceases to amaze me.
— Anna
I think Rachel offers a top class service. Her classes are always professionally choreographed/organised, and she is attentive, friendly and fun. A top tutor!
— Penny
Rachel really cares about everyone who attends her classes; she knows us all and encourages us to fulfil our potential and stretch our capabilities in a very supportive way.
— Louise
I found Rachel’s Pilates class when I was suffering from a really painful injury in my back. Pilates was the key to my recovery and I became absolutely addicted to her classes!!!
— Corina
I have always hated exercise classes and have tended to steer clear of them, but I was persuaded that Pilates was different, and it is! The controlled and precise movements and accompanying breathing that Rachel so expertly teaches have already made a noticeable difference to my body. I feel stronger and more in control, and I have discovered muscles I hadn’t even known were there. Rachel is very good at helping everyone work at an intensity that suits them, giving us a choice of movements and helping everyone individually, so that the teaching feels very personal. The hour-long class flies by and I always feel so much better for having done it.
— Kate
Rachel is a really first class teacher of pilates. She runs a great set of classes with professionalism and good humour. I really look forward to going to her class.
— Sarah B
Rachel Lawrence is an excellent pilates teacher, who explains each movement and the breathing technique to be employed clearly. She takes the abilities and weaknesses of each of her clients into account during her lessons. She has been positive and helped me adapt exercises to accommodate my arthritic shoulder problems. I have noticed how she takes also into account the requirements of other clients, who are very fit but still feel they can benefit from her courses.
— Cornelia
Rachel’s classes are great. Her instructions are clear and she sets the level of difficulty very skilfully to match the abilities of the class so as to keep us motivated and working to full potential. And she does all of this with a smile and in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
— Alison
Rachel is the whole package. And because of this you get results both body and mind. You not only see results you feel them.
— Kay
As well as being a top class teacher, Rachel creates a friendly and encouraging atmosphere in her lessons.
— Sarah H

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