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Balancing Hormones

Sunday 17th September 10:45am-1pm

As a woman, you can sometimes feel your life is governed by your hormones! Well, there’s no sugar coating it -  it is!

As we move through the different ages and stages of life, our hormones fluctuate and change, and this can have a dramatic affect on how we feel and look physically, as well as our emotional stability. What we need is some balance in our life; something to counter this lack of symmetry and restore our equilibrium. This workshop is all about finding that balance.  

With the expert guides of Pilates professional Rachel Lawrence and Nutritionist Ali Prentice, it will be aimed at all women, but especially those 40+ who are either pre/ peri or postmenopausal. For women, menopause is one of life’s inevitabilities, but knowledge is power, and we will empower you.  We will help you navigate through this uncertain terrain to a place of new discoveries and safety at the other side.

This is an upbeat and positive workshop, there’ll be no doom and gloom! It will be a celebration of everything we are as women, and will help you understand not only what starts to happen to your body in your forties leading up to the menopause, but also explain how the body changes during perimenopause, through the menopause and beyond. We will help you understand what you need both nutritionally and physically to manage these transitions, as well as how to keep fit, healthy and strong once the menopause is over.

There will also be treats, informative exercises, detailed explanations and discussions - as well as recipe takeaways and a goody bag for all who attend.

Sign up now and get the right balance back in your life, and don’t be afraid of change, embrace it!

SUNDAY September 17th 10:45am- 1PM






Price £ 65 per person or £120 for two ( Early Bird- must be booked by September 3rd)

Price £75 per person or £140 for two (Standard rate)

Places Strictly limited. Must be booked in advance. 

Booking closes Sunday 10th September.


Rachel Lawrence and Ali Prentice share a philosophy for empowering their clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We believe the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affects the body, the better they will be able to look after themselves. 

This workshop is will be especially helpful to those 40+ with no upper age limit, as well as those who have had problems with hormonal imbalance due to early menopause, or other related conditions which are affected by hormone imbalance. You can be ANY fitness level to attend.

Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor who is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles and the improved body composition which can help you to store less fat around your middle.   Learn more about Rachel here

Ali - is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist who relishes helping busy people increase their energy, lose weight - and improve their eating habits without going hungry.  Ali loves to translate nutrition science into practical nutritional nudges that pack a punch.  Learn more about Ali