Happy New Year!

And welcome to my new blog. Over the next year I'm going to do my best to help you feel fitter, healthier and happier so keep an eye on the blog for little tips on food, health, wellbeing and fitness. 

In the meantime, I know this is the time of year to think about resolutions and I've found as I've got older that 'being' and 'doing' on a daily basis are far more fulfilling than resolutions, which can seem a long way off. Carpe diem is my motto! Seize the day and enjoy every moment. So if you're thinking of a January detox and are dreading it, just imagine how great you are going to feel when your body is healthier and has more energy. And here to help you is a little smoothie recipe I made today: 

Killer Kiwi Smoothie

So named as I’ve upped the Vitamin C intake on this one to kill off all those winter colds! This is also a great if you’re on a January detox as it can be drunk instead of a meal, preferably breakfast I’d suggest.

Killer Kiwi.JPG

Handful of Spinach

Glass of water

1 celery stick

2 kiwis

1 banana

2 tbsp flaxseed

2 tbsp cashew nut butter




Using a food processor, whiz the spinach and water together first, then gradually add each ingredient whizzing as you go. Until you have a lovely, light green mousse. Add more water if you want a runnier consistency and don’t forget to share with a friend and share the love, or drink it all if you ‘re having instead of  breakfast. Enjoy!  And let me know what you think, Rachel x

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