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I started my YouTube Channel to bring Pilates to people wherever they are in the world because everyone deserves to feel good in mind and body. To help people during the Lockdown I tried Live streaming a free class and was overwhelmed with the positive response from people asking me to do more. Little did I realise what I was taking on! I am no tech whizz but I'm doing my best to keep going and to do that I'd really appreciate a cup of coffee to keep my energy levels up!

I now Livestream two classes every week, Monday at 4:30pm UK time and Friday 10am Uk time. It’s a wonderful community and I still offer all my videos for FREE so if you can support me by buying me a ‘virtual’ cup of coffee or two that would really help me keep the channel going. There is also an option to subscribe so you can donate whatever amount you want each month according to the workouts you are doing. Think of it like a gym subscription that you have no committement too! You just pay what you can.

See the panel below to make your first subscription. Any help would be much appreciated and in return you get exclusive previews of new content and behind the scenes insights into my life. ❤️

Serene Yoga Studio
RL PIlates Mat String (2000 x 150 px).png

'Whatever you can do to support my work, THANK YOU'


RL PIlates Mat String (2000 x 150 px).png
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