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Below you will find my YouTube playlists organised into what (I hope!) are logical steps for you to follow. 

If you are brand new to Pilates the best place to start is my Pilates Foundation Course. This playlist of 7 sessions is a no pressure introduction to the exercise method. You’ll learn technique, standing and mat work exercises, and then slowly and steadily build your practice in preparation for the next steps.

If on the other hand you are already practicing Pilates and want to expand your range why not hop straight into this years 30 day Challenge Programme. Or, if you’ve got a lot of Pilates experience and want to test yourself, then choose between Mixed Ability or the more athletic Intermediate Course.


If you simply want a workout that will fit in with the time you have available then you can choose between the 10- 20 minute playlist and the 25-40 minute playlist.


Alternatively, you may be looking for Pilates classes to help you for a specific reason - you want Senior focused training, you need rehabilitation exercise for an injury, or Pilates sessions to help you manage an ongoing medical condition. These are under Specialist Courses.

Why not supplement your practice by joining a weekly one hour Video Group Class either Live or OnDemand where you get to work out with me and a small group of like-minded Pilates people. Or if you’re looking for personal coaching a One to One Session - you get me all to yourself and can use this to boost your progression, get advice on your particular needs and a training plan to help you move forward. 


This is all about YOU, so if you can't find what you are looking for here, please do send me a message and I will point you in the right direction.

Thank you, Rachel x

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Welcome to the World of Pilates

Following these Playlists in order will be a perfect introduction to Pilates if you have little or no experience. This is also a great place to come back to if you feel you have moved too quickly and need to reset, or indeed there has been a long period with no practice at all.

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This is a great next step after the introductory course and the beginner's playlists. Starting a Challenge will allow you to focus on a new goal and encourage you to make your Pilates practice a regular habit and part of your day/ week. 

YouTube Classes

A huge range of classes for free

Live Group Classes

Online or On Demand when you wish

One on One

Online One on One Mat or Reformer Classes

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Having taken on the challenges, you’re now ready to mix it up. I recommend working your way through the Mixed Ability playlist which moves between experienced beginner and intermediate pilates. Ideal if you like to vary your workout level. If you are injury free and confident in your movement then why not take on the Intermediate playlist. Ideal for experienced Pilates practitioners who want to work hard, enjoy athletic challenges and are looking for that deeper level of intensity in their movement practice. 

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These are ideal when you need a workout to fit in with the time you have available. They contain all levels, with and without small equipment,  and are ideal if you like lots of variety but within a set time frame so you can workout stress free knowing they will fit into your schedule. 

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RL PIlates Mat String (2100 x 150 px).png


These are just a few of the more specialist playlists I offer. Ideal if you have a particular preference or need with your movement practice. From targeted classes for active ageing, rehabilitation sessions for injuries, postural correction or workouts to help you manage an ongoing medical condition. Do check the channel for the full selection.

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