Rachel Lawrence Pilates

Rachel Lawrence Pilates voted Best Pilates Class in West London

Turning my back on a successful career in television to become a Pilates instructor was definitely a leap of faith for me. But it looks like the change of lifestyle is starting to pay off as my Chiswick based Pilates classes have just been voted the Best Pilates Class in West London by the West London Mum Live.Love.Local Awards. I'm overwhelmed and thrilled all at the same time!

Thought for the New Year

Welcome to 2015 and what a wonderful year its going to be! May it be filled with happiness, health and goodwill for you all. Whilst we are all encouraged to set new goals for 2015, before we leap forward into the New year I think it's really important to take a moment to think about all the little things that when added up make life so much more meaningful.

Christmas Message

Well I have hung up my ballet shoes for 12 days, after the last ballet barre class of 2014!

I'll still be inhaling and exhaling for one more day doing my Pilates personal training with private clients keen to hone their bodies on Christmas Eve, as well as those who I have been working with remedially this year. 

Have you got 'Text Neck' ? How technology is damaging your spine

Oh yes there is actually a word for it now. And not only that, scientific studies have been carried out to test the stress on your neck when constantly looking down at your technology device. With an average head weighing 12 pounds, the poundage increases with each degree of curvature in your neck. At a 15-degree angle the weight is about 27 pounds, at 30 degrees it’s 40 pounds and at 60 degrees it’s a whopping 60 pounds.

Stand up for health. It may lengthen your life

It’s official; it is now an actual fact that sitting for too long is bad for us.  Whilst there is no doubt that sedentary behavior as a result of long hours sitting at the office desk, hunched over a computer is bad for you, scientists have found that standing for longer can actually help lengthen your life.